Former Sega of America President Reveals the Sega Console Idea that Never Was

During our 2015 interview with Former Sega of America President Tom Kalinske, he revealed that not only was he against the idea of Sega Saturn but that there were other ideas being floated that could have changed Sega’s fortune.

When asked about his and his teams’ concern with the development of Saturn, Kalinske revealed that there were other ideas for a console at the time. Still, one, in particular, could have changed Sega’s fortunes and, in our opinion, changed the gaming landscape.

“Yes, there were several others. One was from a chipset that Silicon Graphics had developed. My head of R&D Joe Miller and I thought that was better than what was in the Saturn, but the hardware design team from Japan disagreed. That chip later became N-64’s main engine.”

One can only imagine what the world of gaming would look like today if this had become a reality.

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