Destiny: House of Wolves

Destiny has come a long way since it was first released in September 2014 and today marks the release of their second expansion “House of Wolves”. In this new expansion, there will be a lot of new features that will take this first person shooter gaming experience to a whole new level. First off, this addition to the game will now let players travel to the Reef, where they will find bounties to help the Queen capture and defeat rebels against her rules. This is a huge deal because many people have complained of the lack of diversity in missions that Destiny has to offer.

Opening up the Reef will give more opportunities to collect rewards, complete bounties and upgrade their characters. And speaking of rewards, with this update, players will not only be able to level up their characters past level 32, but they will also be able to grab a hold of new armor, weapons and gear. So far, the new weapons look super promising and it’ll be exciting to be able to upgrade classic exotics even more. As any player would know, co-op missions and teamwork is a vital piece to Destiny. With the new expansion, a new co-op mode called “Prison of Elders” will truly test Guardians abilities to get through intense combat scenes. There will also be a new strike located on the Moon that combines Fallen and Hive, one of my favorite combinations.  

Today,  “House of Wolves” is finally available for Guardians to enter the Reef and hunt the enemies within,

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