Awesomepocalypse Now!

Insomniac Games Unleashes the fury with its newest sandbox title Sunset Overdrive!

Check out the details straight from the source!

We hope you like the smell of Overcharge Delirium XT in the morning because the wait is over! “Sunset Overdrive” launched today, so get ready to jump into a stylized world of insane weaponry, hyper agility and over-the-top action. Starting today, you can pick up or download your copy of “Sunset Overdrive” from select retailers, including your local Microsoft Store, online and the Xbox Store on Xbox One.

Fans who haven’t made the leap into the new generation of gaming can also get in on the action with the Xbox One Special Edition “Sunset Overdrive” Bundle, which features the sleek new white console, white controller and the Day One Digital Edition of “Sunset Overdrive,” and is available at select retailers today.

To celebrate the launch of “Sunset Overdrive,” Xbox and Insomniac Games invited fans to participate in the most explosive game launch ever – literally. After blowing up a stack of Overcharge cans, creating a real-life “BOOM” cloud and detonating a giant pile of TNTeddies, we tallied the final votes from fans to decide the object of the finale explosion – a Fizzie parade balloon or the Mutant Transportation Vehicle.

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